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Argentine Tango Classes, Workshops, Practicas and Milongas

Tina Marie Tango Academy

 Argentine Tango

Experiences to behold time and time again

Tina Marie Tango Academy specializes in teaching Argentine Tango and offers a

variety of learning opportunities and social tango events for individuals and couples.

Everyone is welcome! Check out our classes, workshops, boot camps and private lessons options. Milongas and Practicas will resume soon! Whether you are new-to-tango or a long time

tango enthusiast, you are invited to see what we are all about.

See our classes and events page for current happenings and schedule.

Come learn, Come dance! We want to show the world, that everybody can dance tango!

Group Classes

We are currently open for enrollment for a few small classes with 4 people, and for small boot camps with 4 people, (Most other group classes are still on hold.) The small class environment presents benefits that a large group public class setting can not. More direct input, more attention to detail, and more individual attention. The class is to help you reach your goals, answer your questions, build your confidence, and have fun with your dancing.

*Option: A personal class time can be set up specifically for you and 3-4 of your friends. Dancers can choose topics and focus.

Private Sessions: For Individuals, Couples, or for any 2 people )

Very effective for accelerated, comfortable learning and fun skill development at your own pace. Private sessions are suitable for anyone and available to any-level dancer and those just starting out. Packages offer discounts.,


If you are involved in tango, attendance at scheduled practicas is highly recommended for improvement and fun in the community. Socialize, dance, and join others in practicing tango. Fun for everyone!


Attend local Milongas for an evening of dancing. A Milonga is the place to gather if you dance tango. Learn to dance, ... then dance!


Workshops are created for a dig deeper dive into specific tango topics.

Men's Technique & Women's Technique:

The study of tango technique for both men or women is centered on developing 'self''. It is the key to becoming a precise, elegant, and expressive tango dancer.


The ultimate in developing personal expression. Embellishments will always be unique to self and unique to the moments within the music. Explore all the possibilities in your tango expression. Learn the when, the where, the how and the why.


Take a deeper dive into musicality. It's much more than identifying the beat. Uncover simple tools to better express the music and what is needed to help you synchronize not only your motion, but your emotion with the music.

Targeted Study Goals:

"Targeted study" is a divide-and-conquer strategy and is beneficial in taking a dancer to the next level. Tina welcomes you discuss your dream level.

Need Ideas for Targeted Topics? 


Group Classes

  • Weekly Classes
  • Specialty Classes 


Private Lessons

  • Several Packages Available
  • Customized and Effective


Social Dancing

  • Milonga Schedule
  • Practica Schedule