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Argentine Tango Classes, Workshops, Practicas and Milongas

Tina Marie Tango Academy

Private Tango Lessons with Tina Marie


Private tango learning with Tina is an amazing opportunity for any student at any level. Tina's effective teaching methodology will help you target your goals, and help you become more comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable. Whether you are a leader or a follower, you'll move more efficiently, creatively, and musically on the dance floor.

Single Lessons and Packages

 BY APPOINTMENT - 678-469-5005

* 1, 1-hr Lesson: $60 single,  $80 couple/any 2-people

* 1,  2-hr Lesson: $100 single,  $120 couple

* 3-Pack Lesson Package: $150 single, $200 couple/ any 2 people

* 3-Pack Private Class Package  $75 per person 2 couples/ any 4 people

* Add on  $20.  Opt in for an additional 20 minutes at the end of your lesson to hone in on a specific topic or skill of your choice. (see list below for ideas)

* Practice Session for 2: 90 min. No Guidance  $25 per person


* Practice Session for 2: 90 min. With Guidance  $35 per person 

            * Dancers are observed 30 min during the session and provided

                with teacher feedback and suggestions.

What's your Pleasure?


* Light Tango-Body Conditioning  balance, control, flexibility, & strength.

* Drills & Thrills  Technique, coordination, and leg and foot articulation.

* Elegant Aesthetics  Posture, alignment, feet, legs, all that defines elegance

* Embellishment Training Various footwork & timing. What, when & how.

* Pivot Training Body spirals, timing, and options for embellishing pivots.

* Dissociation Training Improves balance, connection, and overall quality of partnership.

* Tango Musicality Training 1 Beats, Rhythm, Melody, Phrasing

* Tango Musicality Training 2 Vals, vs. Tango vs. Milonga

* Tango Musicality Training 3 What is in the Music? Primary, Secondary, Additionally

* Tango Musicality Training 4 Tango Orchestra Distinctions

* See & Do Tango  Learners Observation training & coordination training.

This learning "how to learn" quickly and efficiently.

* Milonga Fun Coordination and rhythm development for quick footwork.

* Tango Walking Technique 1 Grounding, aesthetics, weight distribution, balance

* Tango Walking Technique 2 In-line vs. crossing-meridian and dissociation

* Tango Walking Technique 3 Tango Salon vs. Milonguero. Stride changes and options

* Tango Walking & Personal Expression 4 Finding yourself and defining yourself

* Giros / Molinete Technique Making the perfect circle

* Boleo & Gancho Technique Energy, shapes, speed

* Ochos All the shapes and all the sizes, in all the directions

* The Tango-Body Overview Every body part has a proper place and function

* Chacarera Folklore Dance of Argentina (often danced at Milongas)

* Tango Talk Get your questions answered

* Tango Talk Codegos - Codes of etiquette for the Milonga.

* Tango Talk  Tango scene in Buenos Aires. How it differs from the US.

* Tango Talk  Advise for planning a tango trip to Buenos Aires.

* Outdoor Training (Weather permitting) Like walking? Learn what to do during your outdoor walks that will improve tango posture, alignment, rhythm, disassociation, and more. 

Booking your lessons...

To book sessions, contact Tina Marie.

Text or call 678-469-5005

24 hour notice is appreciated in the event of an appointment cancellation.

Please read before booking an appointment.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol Agreement 

What are you looking to achieve?

  • Understanding and clarity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Tools and exercises
  • Change the quality of your dance
  • The building of figures and elements
  • Deeper training in the details that matter
  • Expression through embellishments
  • Musical necessities
  • Understanding Technique
  • Esthetics that matter
  • Awareness of variables where physical function or mind set interferes with progress.

Clear Leading

Responsive Following

Posture and Embrace

Connection and Flow

Tango, Vals, Milonga

Musicality and Phrasing

Melody vs. Rhythm

Figures and Rhythms

Creating Dynamics

Walking and Stride

Footwork, Articulation,

Personal Expression


Balance and Control


Power of the Pivot

Turns and Rotation

Technique for Boleos,

Ganchos, Leg Wraps,

Paradas, Sacadas

Milonga Tips and Information

The Beauty of Traditions

Navigation and Floor Craft

Important Codegos

(Important Codes of the Milonga)

Etiquette for Dancing Socially

The Cabeceo